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Author: Techie
Version: 8
Asset Type: Sop node
Dependencies: None
File Size: 547.59KB
Created: Jan 30, 2023
Terms of Use: Standard License
Compatibility: Houdini 15 to Houdini 19.5
Supported In:
  • Version 8 - Jan. 30, 2023

    Updated the description and prices.

  • Version 7 - Jan. 16, 2017

    • Added "Mode" under "Volume Displacement 1". When set to "Regular" it works as in the previous version. When set to "Surface Normal Direction" it works similarly to how geometry displacement works, i.e. it moves the surface in the direction of the surface normals.

    • Added "Smoothing Radius" (volDispDirSmoothRadParm1) and "Smoothing Iterations" (volDispDirSmoothIterParm1) under "Volume Displacement 1" > "Direction Smoothing". This smoothes/averages the direction of the displacement when "Mode" is set to "Surface Normal Direction".

    • Added "Position Noise" under "Geometry Displacement" and "Volume Displacement 1". All displacement noises uses the position of each point/voxel to determine the noise value and displacement amount. By enabling position noise, a noise value is added to the position of each point/voxel before the displacement noise value is calculated. This can give interesting changes to the existing noises.

    • Added "Use Position Noise" for each noise under "Geometry Displacement" and "Volume Displacement 1". Enabling this parameter will use the position noise if the parameter "Enable Position Noise" is also enabled.

    • Added "Turbulent Noise 2" under "Volume Displacement 1".

    • Added "Set Coverage", "Coverage" and "Depth" under each geometry and volume displacement noise (except for the "Veins" and "Cracks" noises). This controls how much of the rock surface will be covered by the noise.

    • Removed "Enable Threshold", "Threshold Mode" and "Threshold" under each displacement. They've been replaced by "Set Coverage", "Coverage" and "Depth".

    • Fixed and issue with the Rock 1 shader which caused the bump map to move over the surface during object/camera movement.

    • Changed the default values of some parameters.

    • Updated the documentation.

  • Version 6 - Sept. 6, 2016

    • Added "Mode" under "Volume Displacement" > "Worley Noise 1".

    • Changed the default to "Flatten (LSCM)" for "UV Coordinates" > "Mode".

    • Changed the range to 0-1 for "Volume Displacement" > "Worley Noise 1" > "Mode".

    • Removed "Enable Smoothing" (uvEnableSmoothingParm) and "Smoothing Iterations" (uvSmoothingIterationsParm) under "UV Coordinates" since they are currently not working as intended. They will hopefully be added back in a future version.

  • Version 5 - Aug. 28, 2016

    • Added "Generator" under "Base Shape" > "Shape Generator". This sets the way random shapes are generated. The previous parameters are contained under "Generator 1" and a new "Generator 2" has been added that provides a slightly better way to generate shapes.

    • It's now possible to set the order in which displacements are applied. This is done using the three parameters "Displacement 1", "Displacement 2" and "Displacement 3". You can even apply the same displacement multiple times. The previous parameters "Enable Geometry Displacement", "Enable Volume Displacement 1" and "Enable Volume Displacement 2" have been removed and replaced with "Enable Displacement".

    • Added "Remesh" for each displacement under "Displacement". This allows you to apply remeshing after each of the displacements have been applied. Each displacement will use the same settings available under "Remeshing". Note that this remeshing is separate from the existing "Remesh 1" and "Remesh 2".

    • Added parameters for enabling/disabling each displacement noise.

    • Added "Enable Smoothing" under "UV Coordinates". This applies smoothing to the geometry before applying UV coordinates and then returns the geometry back to the pre-smoothing shape after the UV coordinates have been created. This can improve the UV coordinates for Flatten and Pelt modes and often works better than the existing smoothing parameters in the Flatten mode.

    • Added "Smoothing Iterations" under "UV Coordinates". This sets the amount of smoothing to apply when "Enable Smoothing" is enabled.

    • Added a new mode called "Volume" under "Remesh 1" and 2. This mode will convert the geometry to a volume and then to quad polygons.

    • Added "Fuse Points" under "Displacement" > "Fusing". Disabling it will lower the time it takes to generate the geometry.

    • Added "Fuse Distance" under "Displacement" > "Fusing". Points that are at most this close to each other will be fused if "Fuse Points" is enabled.

    • Added "Simplify Collision Geometry" under "Output". Increasing this will lower the number of polygons in the collision geometry.

    • Added "Scale Collision Geometry" under "Output".

    • The collision geometry is now triangulated.

    • Added "Reverse Normals" under "Base Shape".

    • Added "Triangulate" under "Base Shape" > "Shape Generation".

    • Added "Mode" under "Geometry Displacement" > "Worley Noise 1" and 2.

    • Improved the performance of "Geometry Displacement" when certain parameters are disabled.

    • Removed "Average Neighbour Points Curvature" under "Geometry Displacement" > "Curvature Mode" since "Average Surrounding Points Curvature" is a better option.

    • Renamed the "Cracks 1" 2 and 3 parameters under "Volume Displacement".

    • Changed all Seed values to integers and changed the range to 0-1000.

    • "Displace Interior" under "Base Shape" > "Shape Generation" > "Generator 1" is now disabled by default.

    • Moved "Geometry Displacement", "Volume Displacement 1" and "Volume Displacement 2" to regular tabs under "Displacement".

    • Moved the settings for clipping to a separate tab under "Displacement".

    • Changed the range for the resolution of the baked texture.

    • Fixed some non-working parameters under "Volume Displacement" > "Veins".

    • Updated the documentation.

  • Version 4 - July 17, 2016

    • Added "Average Surrounding Points Normal" under "Geometry Displacement" > "Direction". This displaces the points along the average normal of the surrounding points, including both connected and unconnected points. This will improve displacement on geometry with sharp edges.

    • Added "Adapt to Normal Difference" under "Geometry Displacement". This adapts the displacement to the difference between the point normal and the average normal of the surrounding points. If the difference is zero, the point normal will be used as the displacement direction. If the difference is larger, the average normal of the surrounding points will be used. This will improve displacement on geometry with sharp edges.

    • Improved "Adapt to Curvature" under "Geometry Displacement". The curvature values are now more smooth. Please note that the result is different from the previous version and the related parameters have been changed.

    • Added "Average Surrounding Points Curvature" under "Geometry Displacement" > "Curvature Mode". This will use the average curvature of the surrounding points.

    • Added "Curvature Maximum" under "Geometry Displacement". This sets the maximum allowed curvature a point can have, though it doesn't necessarily mean that any point will have that value.

    • Replaced "Curvature Smoothing Frequency" and "Curvature Smoothing Iterations" with "Curvature Smoothing Radius" and "Curvature Smoothing Points to Search". These parameters provide a better way to smooth the curvature values.

    • Renamed "Upper Curvature Threshold" (geoDispUpperCurvatureThresholdParm) to "Curvature Threshold" (geoDispCurvatureThresholdParm). Points with a curvature value equal to or lower than the threshold will be displaced.

    • Removed "Lower Curvature Threshold" under "Geometry Displacement" since it wasn't very useful.

    • Added "Turbulent Noise 2" under "Geometry Displacement". This noise is useful for creating the look of broken/fractured areas. It has the same parameters as "Turbulent Noise 1" but with two additional parameters: "Coverage" controls how much of the rock surface will be covered by the noise. "Depth" controls how deep into the rock surface the noise should go.

    • Added "Veins Direction" under "Geometry Displacement" > "Veins".

    • Added "Cracks 1", 2 and 3 under "Volume Displacement 1".

    • Remade the Rock 1 texture. It now has more realistic default colors and more parameters to affect the noises.

    • Added a new crystal type 4.

    • Added "Drop Before Transforms" under "Transformation 3", which is enabled by default. Disabling it allows you to transform (e.g. translate/rotate/scale) the rock before dropping it to the ground.

    • Added an additional "Smoothing 1" after "Remesh 1". This is useful if you want to smooth the base shape before applying the displacement. The previous smoothing section has been renamed to "Smoothing 2".

    • Changed the default value for "Cutoff Frequency" to 2.1 under "Smoothing 1" and 2.

    • Removed "Filter Scale" under "Geometry Displacement" / "Volume Displacement 1" > "Unified Noise" since it doesn't affect the geometry.

    • Renamed "Turbulent Noise" to "Turbulent Noise 1" under "Geometry Displacement".

    • Renamed the parameter enableSmoothingParm to enableSmoothingParm2.

    • Renamed the parameter smoothingIterationsParm to smoothingIterationsParm2.

    • Renamed the parameter smoothingCutoffFrequencyParm to smoothingCutoffFrequencyParm2.

    • Renamed the parameter geoDispTurbParm2 to geoDispTurbParm.

    • Renamed the parameter texRock1PosParm to texRock1RandomSeedParm.

    • Updated the documentation.

  • Version 3 - April 8, 2016

    • Added a new volume displacement mode, "Volume Displacement 1" under "Displacement". This is similar to geometry displacement but is more suitable for displacing non-spherical geometry. This mode also has a threshold mode that only applies displacement when the noise value is below or above a certain threshold value.

    • Added "Enable Clipping" under "Displacement". This is used to clip/cut of the rock geometry to create a flat base and is useful for removing the part of the rock that is under the ground. Note that the normals cusp angle is set to 45 for the clipped area so that there's no smoothing on the edges.

    • Added "Clipping Origin" under "Displacement". This sets the position of the clipping plane.

    • Added "Clipping Direction" under "Displacement". This sets the direction of the clipping plane on the X, Y and Z axis. For example, values 0 1 0 will make the clipping plane lie on the XZ plane.

    • Added "Apply Clipping After UV Coordinates". This applies the clipping after applying the UV coordinates instead of after the displacement. This can create cleaner UV coordinates but no UV coordinates will be applied to the clipped area.

    • Added "Smoothing Iterations" under "Volume Displacement" 1 and 2. This applies smoothing to the volume before converting it to polygons.

    • The previous volume displacement mode has been renamed to "Volume Displacement 2".

    • Added "Seed" under "Geometry Displacement" and also for each noise type. Setting the seed value at 0 (default) will give the same results as in the previous version.

    • Added "Source Scale" under "Shape Generation". This is used to scale the source geometry used for generating the shape.

    • Added "Only Inside Source" under "Shape Generation". This will only generate shapes that are inside the source geometry. The purpose of this is to get the displacement noise applied to all sides of the shape.

    • Added "Rotate Seams" under "UV Coordinates". This rotates the edges that are used as seams by the Flatten and Pelt modes.

    • Added "Visualize Seams" under "UV Coordinates". This will show small spheres where the UV seams start/end and add color to the seams. The seams will look different depending on if the UV mode is Flatten or Pelt.

    • Selecting "Box" under "Shape Generation" now shows "Source Divisions".

    • Setting "Variations" to 1 under "Shape Generation" will now show the original source geometry selected under "Source".

    • Improved the positioning of the UV seams.

    • Excluded crystals from Polygon Reduction.

    • The rock and crystal geometry are now in separate groups.

    • Moved "Transformation 3" so that it's applied after "UV Coordinates". This was done so that the last transformations can be applied without affecting the UVs. If you want to rotate the UVs you can use the "Rotate Seams" parameter.

    • Added a new "Output" section.

    • Moved "Normals Cusp Angle" to the "Output" section.

    • Added "Enable Collision Geometry" under "Output". This will surround the rocks and crystals with low res collision geometry that works with game engines.

    • Added "Enable Remeshing" under "Shape Generation" (enabled by default so it's compatible with older versions). Disabling this can be useful when using volume displacement.

    • Renamed "Triangulated Random Shape" to "Random Shape" under "Base Shape", since it's now possible to disable remeshing/triangulation of this type of shape.

    • Changed the default value for "Veins Projection" to "Spherical".

    • Renamed the parameter enableVolDispParm to enableVolDispParm2.

    • Renamed the parameter volDispModeParm to volDispModeParm2.

    • Renamed the parameter volDispExteriorBandVoxelsParm to volDispExteriorBandVoxelsParm2.

    • Renamed the parameter volDispInteriorBandVoxelsParm to volDispInteriorBandVoxelsParm2.

    • Increased the range of the parameters "Exterior Band Voxels" and "Interior Band Voxels" under "Volume Displacement 2" to 40.

    • Fixed an issue where "Sharpen" under "Crystals" could sometimes generate overlapping points.

    • Updated the documentation.

  • Version 2 - March 30, 2016

    • Fixed an issue with duplicate objects being show in Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine and Unity.
    • Increased the "Base Shape Divisions" range to 200.
    • Changed the default value for "Post Process" to "Border Expansion".
    • Changed the default value for "Additional Pixels at Border" to 4.

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