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Houdini Engine for Unreal Engine 4!!!

Exciting Houdini Engine news.. a public beta for the Unreal Engine 4 plugin is available. It lets you use your procedural asset inside the Unreal Editor. While in beta you can test it using existing assets ( here on Orbolt under the Unreal category) or build assets in either Houdini, Houdini Indie or the free Houdini Apprentice edition.

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Houdini 14 has been released!!

Awesome new features such as new sand solver, crowds, hair tools, animation layers and improvements to existing tools.
Go get it!!
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Houdini 14 Sneak Peek!!

An early sneak peek at some of the new features in Houdini 14! Santa is bringing some awesome gifts this holiday season.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

H14 Sneak Peek

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The Orbolt Smart 3D Asset Store is an asset marketplace that offers a whole new way to create animations and visual effects. Powered by Houdini, Orbolt assets are fully customizable and ready to animate and render once tweaked to meet your specifications.

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