Houdini Destruction Tool (HDT)

Requested by: carlos castro | Created 3 years ago

Quick tool for fracture, Debris And Dust Generator, houdini is powerful and is time that Vfx artist or ohter 3d package see it. this tool with option for Fracture (from image, path based, total voronoi fracture, etc.) glue option for segments, plus 1: emit debris from pieces, plus 2 emit dust. plus 3 Geo displacement. Like rayfire or PDI wtih the plus of debris & dust / smoke emition from pieces fracture with dust reference
Cylibral 3 years ago
Humm sounds like fun
It Sound nice!!
fbuser_1648 2 years ago
Really?, This already exist!!!!!
fbuser_25776 11 months ago
fbuser_1648 11 months ago
You not need tool to do that, and that video is basically a voronoi fracture with irregular borders.