06 Jun
probiner uploaded Bend
28 May
22 May
probiner has uploaded version 3 of Graph Function

description updated

14 May
probiner has uploaded version 2 of Graph Function

description updated, video link updated

10 Apr

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gallery thumbnail NormalBias
Boxify Normals. Smoothly orient the normals to the longest axis. Hexplanar mapping masks. Each channel represents how much a color is scaled. Octant coordinates and ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail Bend
VOP HDA that allows to perform Bend deformation, in many contexts. [more]
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gallery thumbnail Vector Display
Development helper tool to visualize vector attributes, especially arrays, with many options concerning display, space context and accessing the visualization geometry. [more]
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gallery thumbnail Graph Function
This tool is a VEX float snippet sketchpah, which visualization allows one to get more confident with code before integrating it into something more complex. [more]
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