Paul Geraskin
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Paul Geraskin has uploaded version 2 of Unbevel

Removed unneeded attributes and groups at Output. A screenshot is added.

30 Apr
28 Apr
Paul Geraskin has uploaded version 2 of Curve Surface

small text tweaks. Added one image.

02 Apr
27 Mar
Paul Geraskin has uploaded version 4 of Extract Edges

added script oncreated which makes ordered selection

30 Dec

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gallery thumbnail Unbevel
This is an experimental modeling tool to change bevel. Just like in MeshMachine tool in Blender. Select Beveled Edges Select Near Polygons Enjoy [more]
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gallery thumbnail Curve Surface
I did the same tool as in Blender for retopology. Curve Surfaces Tool Sometimes it's useful for retopology in Houdini. Just make some curves and ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail Edgeflipflow
A modeling tool just like in Bulgarov Stream . Select Polygons and make magic. [more]
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gallery thumbnail Capture Symmetry
Capture symmetry is a suer fast tool to make symmetrical weights and capture regions for rigging. This tool will save your time a lot just ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail 23d
2d3 tool for convert 2d image and animated 2d sequence black and white to 3d geometry. Plus 2d animated curves. [more]
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gallery thumbnail Edge displacement
Creste shader displacement edge voronoy fracturing [more]
$ 0.00
gallery thumbnail Angle Between
Computes the angle between two vectors in degrees. [more]
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gallery thumbnail Best Fit Plane
Finds the plane that best approximates a point cloud. This operator will perform a least squares approximation to the set of input points and output ... [more]
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