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Gary Hanna has uploaded version 2 of Psynema_Symmetry

Labeling Cleanup

05 Apr
03 Apr
Gary Hanna has uploaded version 3 of PSYNEMA_HAIR_CARDS_BETA_0

Adjusted algorithm for "Proximity to Point" option sort.

30 Nov
Gary Hanna has uploaded version 2 of PSYNEMA_HAIR_CARDS_BETA_0

Link to documentation

13 Nov

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gallery thumbnail Psynema_Symmetry
Mimics the 3D Symmetry modifier in 3DSMax. Rotate a cutter object around your geometry and get the symmetrical mirror. [more]
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gallery thumbnail PSYNEMA_HAIR_CARDS_BETA_0
Create Procedural Hair cards WITH INDIVIDUALIZED GROUP MESH names from Houdini's Hair Generation system. The Group names are assigned to each INDIVIDUAL HAIR CARD and ... [more]
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