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Flowermaker   -   Houdini 18 to Houdini 18.5
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Author: Jed Laurance
Version: 5
Asset Type: Sop node
Dependencies: None
File Size: 501.01KB
Created: Dec 17, 2023
Terms of Use: Standard License
Compatibility: Houdini 18 to Houdini 18.5
Supported In:
  • Version 5 - Dec. 17, 2023

    Making Commercial and Studio-Wide usage free

  • Version 4 - March 2, 2021

    Added a Side Indication parameter that allows users to pick how to differentiate between the inner and outer petal faces from 3 options:
    None - no differentiation
    Attribute - creates a petalSide int prim attribute to differentiate
    UDIM - moves inner uvs to UDIM 1002

  • Version 3 - March 1, 2021

    • Added the option to control the amplitude of the bloom noise along the length of the components.
    • Updated the demo file to remove initial file dependencies

  • Version 2 - Feb. 17, 2021

    • Added a Flow Speed attribute in the Bloom Noise section to allow for some noise driven movement on top of the existing blooming movement

    • Added GEO and TIME_SAMPLES nodes at the appropriate points in the internal network to make it more intuitive to merge out and externally cache these steps. (The idea is to make it easier to hijack the internal caching steps in a farm environment where custom tools might be necessary in order to cook and wedge on a farm.)

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Reviews (3)

by Justin Crapse - Apr 18, 2024

Seems like it might be broken for some features, but as a free asset, this is well featured and well put together. I would have gladly paid for this product, especially if it had some example files or videos.

Q: Do you have any document about this project?

by yesong - Apr 29, 2021

Hello, First Thanks for the great Asset. I'm very look forward to use it. Anyway do you have any document about this project? I want to know what can I do more with it. Thanks.

Hello, I purchased it

by Temuujin Kh - Nov 12, 2023

Hello, I purchased I am curious about how the animation work? In your presets they animate using progress slider but I'm not sure how it works and don't know about how to use that slider to animate my flower. Can you help?