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Rock Generator 2   -   Houdini 16 to Houdini 19.5
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Rock Generator 2

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Author: Techie
Version: 5
Asset Type: Sop node
Dependencies: None
File Size: 877.43KB
Created: Jan 30, 2023
Terms of Use: Standard License
Compatibility: Houdini 16 to Houdini 19.5
Supported In:
  • Version 5 - Jan. 30, 2023

    Updated the description.

  • Version 4 - Sept. 7, 2017

    • Improved the way linear and random UV seams are generated.
    • Changed the asset prices.

  • Version 3 - Sept. 3, 2017

    • Added "Apply Sequentially" under "Geometry Displacement 1" > "Displacement Noises". When enabled, displacement is applied once per noise. The average point normal/curvature/normal difference is re-calculated for each noise. When disabled, all noises are added together and applied as a single displacement.
    • Updated the documentation.

  • Version 2 - Aug. 16, 2017

    • Added "Enable Displacement" (matRockEnableDisplacementParm), "Enable Bump" (matRockEnableBumpParm), "Bump Amount" (matRockBumpAmountParm), "Bump Noise" and removed "Displacement Mode" (matRockDisplacementModeParm) under "Material" > "Displacement". This allows both displacement and bump to be applied at the same time.
    • Replaced the internal material node "Classic Shader Core" with "Principled Shader Core". This was done to improve the look of bump displacement.
    • Renamed "Specular Intensity" (matRockSpecIntParm) to "Reflectivity" (matRockReflectivityParm) under "Material" > "Procedural Material".
    • Renamed "Specular Roughness" (matRockSpecRoughnessParm) to "Roughness" (matRockRoughnessParm).
    • Renamed "Affect Specular Intensity" and to "Affect Reflectivity".
    • Renamed "Specular Intensity Mode" (matRockBrightnessSpecIntModeParm) to "Reflectivity Mode" (matRockBrightnessReflectivityModeParm).
    • Renamed matRockBrightnessSpecIntAmountParm to matRockBrightnessReflectivityAmountParm.
    • Renamed "Specular Intensity" (matBakeSpecularIntensityParm) to "Reflectivity" (matBakeReflectivityParm) under "Material" > "Baking" > "Image Planes".
    • Added "Bump" (matBakeBumpParm) under "Material" > "Baking" > "Image Planes".
    • Fixed an issue when enabling both material displacement and "Cusp Normals On Cracks" at the same time. It's now only possible to have "Cusp Normals On Cracks" enabled when material displacement is disabled.
    • Updated the documentation.

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