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TdG UVgen

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Author: Twan de Graaf
Version: 6
Asset Type: Sop node
Dependencies: None
File Size: 4.40MB
Created: Oct 15, 2014
Terms of Use: Standard License
Compatibility: Houdini 12.1 to Houdini 15.5
Supported In:
  • Version 6 - Oct. 15, 2014

    Added a parameter to control the spacing of the UVs in basic UV-Layout mode.

    Improved the support for texture generation from objects not generated directly from the tool, using the "save as .geo" button.

  • Version 5 - Oct. 14, 2014

    -Fixed bug with the improved layout.
    -Improved support for Unique UVs,

  • Version 4 - Sept. 14, 2013

    -Fixed UVmapping for when UVwelding is skipped
    -UV layout improvement should be faster for very simple objects.
    -Changing the Filename to save the UVs for procedural models (when the first input is connected) no longer causes the procedure to recalculate entirely.

  • Version 3 - Sept. 10, 2013

    • Fixed a bug where two-point-primitives caused the procedure not to work, these are now skipped.

    • Fixed normals on the model when the UV projection is skipped.

    Manual from Version 2:

  • Version 2 - Aug. 27, 2013

    • Fixed some small interface issues
    • Improved Normal/Bump map generation
    • A high resolution mesh is now included (this increased the file size.)
    • The high resolution mesh now gets centered in the same manner as the main mesh
    • A new parameter to disable warnings for texturing.
    • Updated Help file
    • Fixed previews for Plating and Rivet maps
    • Fixed alpha channels for Plating and Rivet maps
    • Use alpha is now on, on default for Rivet textures. (this should was wrong before, but should work the same.)
    • Updated tool tips.

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