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tomjerry1087 has uploaded version 3 of Edge Flow

Bug fixes

03 Dec
tomjerry1087 has uploaded version 2 of Edge Flow

V2 now supports multiple set of loops

02 Jul
02 May
03 Apr

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gallery thumbnail Edge Flow
Adjust edge loops to fit surrounding curvature. It would be much easier to add detail to model while keeping shape. I also wrote a Python ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail Fit Curvature
Adjust continuous points on polyline to fit surrounding curvature, forming a smooth curved path. [more]
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gallery thumbnail H-Polygon
A sop node to collapse dirty edit history during polygon modeling. Newest version added automatically remove previous nodes function, and you don't have to manually ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail CurveGenerator
A SOP tool to turn edge loop or edited curve into a new curve. [more]
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