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Enn Pcomplete has uploaded version 2 of QPT Botanical Branches

Adding the Japanese Maple example scene.

12 Jan
Enn Pcomplete has uploaded version 3 of BOTANICAL Branches

Price Update

03 Jan
Enn Pcomplete has uploaded version 2 of BOTANICAL Branches

New icon.

08 Dec

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Fits copies of an object into target prims, with various options for controlling the tightness of the fit without shearing, as well as pre/post-transformations of ... [more]
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Takes an input curve defining the shape of the portal, and creates a 3D surface with ramp parameters defining the varying shape of the additional ... [more]
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Creates a ridge along edges chosen on a target surface with a ramp-controllable profile and clean seals against surrounding surfaces at the ends. [more]
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Takes a target surface on input 0, a curve specifying roof peak points on input 1, and creates a roof connecting to the nearest points ... [more]
$ 12.99 $ 12.99

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