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Enn Pcomplete has uploaded version 2 of QPT Botanical Branches

Adding the Japanese Maple example scene.

12 Jan
Enn Pcomplete has uploaded version 3 of BOTANICAL Branches

Price Update

03 Jan
Enn Pcomplete has uploaded version 2 of BOTANICAL Branches

New icon.

08 Dec

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gallery thumbnail QPT Botanical Wind Sim
Vellum and joint-based deformation setup geared towards tree/grass wind simulation. Can be used on any geometry with embedded curves and the requisite attributes (e.g. the ... [more]
$ 39.99 $ 39.99
gallery thumbnail QPT Botanical Branches
This advanced geometry solver will let you blaze through your project's plant requirements, and have fun while doing it! Beautiful trees and branching structures, with ... [more]
$ 39.99 $ 39.99
gallery thumbnail ARCH Buttress
Generates a buttress or flying buttress designed to strengthen a wall or side of another structure. [more]
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gallery thumbnail ARCH Cove
Generates a surface between two other surfaces (e.g. a coving for the meeting of two walls). It is important for the target surfaces to have ... [more]
$ 12.99 $ 12.99

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