David Torno is a self-taught visual effects professional with a passion for the technical and educational side of VFX. Since beginning his career in 2000, he has worked on films, commercials, music videos, and large scale multimedia projects. In 2008 he started sharing his wealth of knowledge with other creatives through video tutorials, project templates, and utility scripts. While most known for serving as the Technical Director at Ghost Town Media for 8 years, David has focused mostly on 3D volumetric and particle animation in recent years. Through the consolidation of his lifes work under the Fendra Fx name, David continues to create helpful tools, and informative training videos for the creative community.
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DavidTorno: NOTE!! "FFX Collection A" purchasers, please contact me directly (via fendrafx.com Contact page) to get transitioned over to Gumroad. This will be the new home for FFX Collection.
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FFX Align To Curve brings a faster system for customizing orientation of geometry along the length of a curve. Working with point data directly, a ... [more]
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