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gallery thumbnail UV project along vector
A surface level node to project UVs on geometry along a vector. Offers various options to provide vectors to the tool and incorporates both "UVProject" ... [more]
$ 2.00
gallery thumbnail Creepy Points
Create points that move along the UV coordinates of a NURBS, Mesh, or Bezier surface. Features include wrapping as the points reach the ends, creating ... [more]
$ 1.00
gallery thumbnail Point Propagate
Propagates or spreads an attribute or group through a point cloud based on proximity from one or more starting points. It uses a SolverSOP to ... [more]
$ 2.00
gallery thumbnail SpeedTree Curves
Creates splines from SpeedTree geometry with UVs. The points are placed in the center of each "ring" of the trunks. Should work for any tube ... [more]
$ 5.00