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gallery thumbnail Soptools target
This sop will align point normals to point at either a target object, target position, or vector. There are options to kill "rot" and "orientation" ... [more]
$ 1.00
gallery thumbnail Aurora borealis
This Asset creates a Aurora Borealis Effect, also known as Northern Lights. The Effect is highly artdirectable and meant to give full controll especially if ... [more]
$ 50.00
gallery thumbnail E3d point Buncher
Stunning asset for all motion designers for generating connection between points in 3dspace. Absolutely unnecessary to have this tool if you are motion designer or ... [more]
$ 23.00
gallery thumbnail breaking edge
Breacking Edge asset it's a fast way to add details on geometry - adds geometry details - adds details on surface - paint breacking - ... [more]
$ 5.00