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gallery thumbnail Growth
Growth Tool Space Colonization Tool Base on point clouds [more]
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gallery thumbnail Connections
Connections Asset Evolution of cmiVFX "Houdini Connections" tutorial. Dramatically optimized for faster work ans improved functionality. Supports all attributes in tutorial like: Cd, Alpha, UV, ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail Digitizer v01
This asset will recreate your original model procedurally as an object composed of number of cubes. The controls include size of the cubes as well ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail Surface Uber Shader
Surface Uber Shader Current Version 0.81 Work In Progress Not Supported PBR You comments, suggestions, discussion and source code here: Any code improvement and ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail VoronoiBezierCells
Abtract 2d pattern ... testing the asset store [more]
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