Pavel Geraskin

Write me if you need.

Pavel Geraskin has uploaded version 2 of UV Wrap

Removed python 2 print function and some other small tweaks.

18 Oct
Pavel Geraskin has uploaded version 10 of UV Grid

Fix in Python node: float casted to int.

06 Oct
Pavel Geraskin has uploaded version 9 of UV Grid

Fix for H18.5

06 Apr
Pavel Geraskin has uploaded version 6 of Attribute Copy Topology

fix attrib change

28 Aug
Pavel Geraskin has uploaded version 3 of Bend Plus

Fix for Houdini 18

31 Jul

Newest Assets

gallery thumbnail Mira Tree
This is a Tree Generator dedicated to the name of my daughter. Documentation: Your text to link here... More info will be on the forum. ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail 3dcoat applinker
Hi. I did 3DCoat-Houdini Applinker asset. It's possible to export-import meshes and export textures from 3DCoat. Very useful for modeling and texturing artists. Set the ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail Capsule
My attempt to make a capsule asset for H15+. [more]
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gallery thumbnail Extract Objects
This is a simple asset which can extract packed primitives to objects. I use it to export some destructions to Unity and Blender. As Unity ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail TreeGenV0
Basic Tree Generator [more]
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gallery thumbnail 23d
2d3 tool for convert 2d image and animated 2d sequence black and white to 3d geometry. Plus 2d animated curves. [more]
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gallery thumbnail Edge displacement
Creste shader displacement edge voronoy fracturing [more]
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gallery thumbnail Angle Between
Computes the angle between two vectors in degrees. [more]
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