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08 Mar
25 Sep
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21 Sep

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gallery thumbnail H123 Slice
Main purpose of this tool is to slice geometry. You have plenty of options to setup your slices - cut in any axis, scale and ... [more]
$ 2.00 $ 2.00
gallery thumbnail H123_Pixel_Density
H123 Pixel Density is tool that helps making great and correct UV layouts. It has advanced PIXEL DENSITY functionality along with other features. You can ... [more]
$ 4.00 $ 5.00
gallery thumbnail H123_Symmetry
Advanced symmetry tool. One axis symmetry with 360 degree freedom. Radial symmetry on x, y and z axis. Multiple features- presymetrize, bisect, create arcs, visualizing ... [more]
$ 4.00 $ 5.00
gallery thumbnail Symmetry
A symmetry tool for Houdini 16. It is a very simple but powerful tool for making symmetrical geometry. Features functions like setting angles of your ... [more]
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