Nicolas Heluani

VFX art, Motion Graphics, animation, fun in general. I am a very technically oriented generalist with ease in math and physics that loves to see magic and beauty on the screen. Freelance contact at
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03 Mar
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16 Sep
14 Sep
18 Feb

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gallery thumbnail splineWrapNH
Wrap and scales an object around a spline Allows to wrap objects around a spline with offset, scale, and preserve length options. Simply connect the ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail AiCleanerNH
Cleans the input curves and geometry that is generated when importing an illustrator file and output a polygon shape with the holes where they are ... [more]
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gallery thumbnail ExtrudeNH
Extrude polygons and files imported from illustrator with several different option. Simple, linear, convex, concave, semi-circle, inner-bevel and outer-bevel extrusion options oriented towards a quick ... [more]
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