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Kevfx Biped Auto Rig

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Author: Kevin Ma
Version: 8
Asset Type: Sop node
Dependencies: None
File Size: 725.55KB
Created: Oct 18, 2022
Terms of Use: Standard License
Compatibility: Houdini 19
Supported In:
  • Version 8 - Oct. 18, 2022

    This tool only supports H19 for now.

  • Version 7 - Aug. 30, 2022

    • Supporting Houdini 19.5.

    • Supporting modifying motion capture data now ! 

    • Proper Help doc created. Right-mouse-button click the node and choose Help... menu option to read it. 

  • Version 6 - July 21, 2022

    • End of promotion.
    • Apprentice license is no longer free.

  • Version 5 - June 25, 2022

    This is version 5 !
    It is NOT compatible with previous versions of the auto-rig nodes in terms of parameter names !
    If you want to use this new rig version with previous parameter keyframe animations, please read this blog post on how to upgrade:

    All the parameter names have been standardized. 
    Some of the parameters are fixed, so that now they are correctly auto-scoped in Animation Editor.

    * Now the parameter names should be more meaningful and consistent for future version releases.

  • Version 4 - May 22, 2022

    Free for Houdini Apprentice License now !!
    So give it a try first now !!

  • Version 3 - Dec. 13, 2021

    Fixed some issues which caused some unexpected twists.

  • Version 2 - Dec. 12, 2021

    • Added a tutorial to the screenshots section.
    • All the IK controls (neck, spine, arm and leg) now have "stretch" toggle parameter to turn on/off IK stretch.

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Reviews (1)
Works really Well. Cant wait to see how this tool improves over time.

by Andres Perez - Jan 30, 2022

It is effective and quick, I am very glad I got this.