How do I include help in my assets?

Parameter labels

Adding meaningful labels to parameters will help users understand their function. For each parameter in the Type Properties... > Parameters window, ensure that the 'Label' field is checked and filled with a description.

Sticky notes

Sticky notes can provide useful information for users and are shown alongside nodes in the network editor. To create a sticky note, click the sticky note icon or use the shortcut CTRL + P.

Help card

The help card is the floating help window shown when the user clicks the "?" help icon in your asset's parameter pane. You can include custom help card documentation in your asset by right-clicking on your asset and selecting Type Properties... > Help. Use the following format to start creating you help card:

= AssetName =

#type: node
#context: object
#largeicon: opdef:.?image.png

"""Short description"""

Detailed overview of asset functionality.

List any inputs (None is valid)

=== Controls ===
Custom Control 1:
 Control description
Custom Control 2:
 Control description
Custom Control 3:
 Control description

For more information on help card wiki formatting, check out the official Side Effects Houdini Documentation.

Node links

To refer to other operators in the related links section of a help card, use the following syntax:

[Point Plane Distance|Node:-namespace/vop/pointPlaneDistance]

If the asset has a version number, it needs to be added and prefixed in the link path:

namespace:: pointPlaneDistance::1.00 becomes [Point Plane Distance|Node:-namespace/vop/pointPlaneDistance-1.00]
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