How do I download an asset through Houdini which I've already paid for?

1. Close Houdini and open your default browser
2. Go to with your default browser and sign in with the same account you had used to pay for the asset.
3. Go to the asset page of the asset you downloaded
4. Hover over the "Download" button and click the version you purchased.
5. It should take you to the download page since you purchased already.
6. Click "Launch in Houdini"
7. If your browser opens a pop-up, click "Open" or "Launch Application" to allow Houdini to download and install the asset.
8. Houdini will open and will begin downloading as well installing the asset automatically. Wait for the asset to finish download and installing.

If you run into any problems or errors in any of the steps, let us know and we'll help you through it.
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