Why does it say "Invalid License" when I use the asset I purchased?

If it's your first time using a copy protected asset with a non-studio right then you'll need to connect to your account at least one time, by either using the Launch in Houdini option or syncing from the asset browser panel.

Please try the following:

1. Save your work and close Houdini.

2. Go to www.orbolt.com with your default browser and sign in with the account used to purchase the asset.

3. Go to the asset page on Orbolt and choose the version you purchased.

4. In the download / install page, click "Launch In Houdini"

5. A popup (depending on your browser and operating system) will prompt if you want to Launch Application. Click Open or Launch.

6. Houdini should launch and begin downloading as well installing the asset specific to your license.
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