How do I render with my assets on the network through HQueue?

If an asset requires a license and you have purchased the Studio version of it, you can follow the steps below to render with it on the network through HQueue:

1. Setup the path to your network by adding HOUDINI_ASSET_STORE_PATH = /path_to_your_network in houdini.env

2. Launch Houdini, click on the Asset Browser tab and click the icon at the bottom to Sync Asset Library with Store Account.

3. Log into Orbolt (there will be a popup prompt to launch Houdini) and click Ok / Launch Application.

4. Houdini will open a dialog box to show the assets available to sync from Orbolt and by default will be all checked. Sync assets with the store.

5. The folder on the network will automatically be created upon sync and all the respective directories as well under the orbolt username


6. Setup scene with asset

7. In the HQueue Render ROP you will need 2 environment parameters:

Variable Value: /path_to_your_network

Variable Value: @/otls;/path_to_your_network/orbolt_username/otls

8. Set the Output Driver, HQueue Server, and Target HFS specific to your Houdini version

9. Save file on your network accessible to your HQueue server.

10. Submit Job.

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