The Time to Start Building Assets is Now!

The Time to Start Building Assets is Now!

With the announcement of Houdini Engine from SideFX Labs, the playing field has changed and the possibilities are becoming limitless. It opens up a whole new world for Digital Assets and an entire new audience for the authors.

In short it offers integration of Houdini technology into other applications through Digital Assets. Users are able to take advantage of the full power of Houdini in the environment that they're comfortable in. The entry barrier has lowered and it's never been easier to jump into Houdini.

Houdini Digital Asset Flow
Digital assets can now flow from Houdini to Orbolt to a custom digital content creation app such as Maya or Unity. The Houdini Engine provides a bridge that connects other applications to the Houdini universe.

So what implications does this have for Orbolt?

For asset authors, this opens up a whole new facet of users that will be able to experience your work. Those that aren't familiar with Houdini or working in a pipeline based around other packages are now able to use your assets. All of the controls and functionality that you've put into the setup are still there, but now are functioning in the host application thanks to the Houdini Engine.

For artists, they are now able to use the assets in their favorite environment. The Engine opens up features that are unique only to Houdini and allows other users to experience them in their package of choice. You get the power of Houdini in app of you choice.

The world of Houdini Digital Assets is expanding. The great news is that you can start creating them at no cost today. Orbolt will take assets created in Houdini Apprentice and convert them into commercial format on upload. This allows authors to create full, commercial assets that can be shared with others or sold!

Now is the perfect time to start working on your assets! The Houdini Engine and Orbolt extend the user base and allows you to share you creations with other artists. It's a great day for Houdini Digital Assets!
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