Major toolsets could be coming your way.

Is an asset a brick, or a factory?

Houdini Digital Assets (HDA) can be as small, like simple material shaders, or large like a suite of tools with major Plug In functionality.

Of course there's a description for each asset at the store, which helps a lot. But really you need a test drive to truly appreciate what you're getting, whether it be a brick, or a whole factory!

Trial period makes it risk-free

When you download an asset, you're not just getting a polygon model, you're getting software. Which is why we refer to them as "smart" assets . Features and functionality vary from one asset to the next, and authors price them accordingly. We appreciate the value of your hard-earned money, so we've included a free trial period with every asset. You can try before you buy, and be confident with the asset before you've been asked to pay a cent.

We're starting to see more ambitious works uploaded at the asset store. Which is great! We're thrilled at the prospect of seeing these larger scale assets, and want to encourage you to use the free trial to evaluate them..and to offer feedback as well!

Let you developers know what you think.

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