High value assets can save you time and money.

Honest Pricing for High-Value Software

What's your household budget for Console games?
And how does that compare to your budget for mobile games/apps?
...and which do you spend more time with?

It's pretty common to pay $40-60 for a console, or $2 for a smartphone App.
Collectively, we do this thousands of times each week* .

Does the $2 app entertain me 1/20th of the console game? Not necessarily, but each type of purchase does come with different expectations. Consumers are aware that console games can cost millions to produce, whereas apps often are perceived as being made after hours, on a shoestring budget. As a result, one costs more than the other. Consider what you're getting: each has different production quality, and represents a different scope of product altogether.

Free vs. Paid
This topic pertains to Houdini asset authors and customers alike. Deciding how much to pay, or charge for your Houdini Digital assets can be a difficult task. The time required to make these assets, and the production value they provide, certainly factor into their price.

At the Orbolt Asset Store, we're sharing and selling visual effects, tools and experiences ( to name a few). But we could make an analogy to the game industry and ask "Do I want a console game, or a mobile app?". Both are available here.

Variety is the spice of life!

As our community continues to grow, you're going to see a wide range of assets and prices. We recognize that different customers have different needs and expectations from our store. Hobbyists and students may prefer free stuff to experiment and learn with, whereas production studios are more likely interested in higher-end "developer" assets which offer major, plug-in like, functionality.

Even a modest After Effects plug-in can run $500 bucks or more. A major plug-in for Maya, such as RealFlow can cost thousands of dollars. When you consider these costs, the value of Houdini digital assets becomes really apparent.

The Orbolt Asset Store is a resource for the global Houdini community. Whether as a "first touch" point for new users, or a go-to place for the most seasoned veterans, the Asset store is your place for Houdini Digital Assets.


Learn more about Houdini digital assets (webinar).

Did the 'games" analogy make you want play a little? No prob! There's a a video game-like asset in the store:
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