Press Release: Orbolt Smart 3D Assets

TORONTO: Aug 7, 2012 - Side Effects Software Inc. and Orbolt™ Inc. are proud to announce the beta launch of the Orbolt™ Smart 3D Asset Store which gives digital artists access to world-class 3D assets from a source they can trust. Unlike ordinary 3D assets, smart 3D assets are infinitely adjustable and can be animated and rendered in Houdini™, a procedural node-based animation and VFX tool created by Side Effects.

With CG projects under significant cost and deadline pressures, 3D artists need access to a wide variety of 3D assets. From fully-rigged props, to render-ready visual effects, to animatable characters, to game assets, Orbolt holds the key to a whole new way of working. At Orbolt, members of the global Houdini community apply their knowledge and expertise to deliver a growing set of completely customizable 3D assets.

“The Orbolt Smart 3D Asset Store leverages the collective expertise of Houdini artists worldwide,” says Kim Davidson, President and CEO, Side Effects Software. “Houdini is used by top studios to create the best animation and VFX for feature films, commercials and video games. Now that knowledge can be wrapped up and shared with the wider CG community.”

One of the key goals of Orbolt is to bring together talented CG artists to create smart 3D assets using Houdini’s Digital Asset technology. Artists can join the Orbolt community and become asset authors. They can set their own prices and let Orbolt deliver the assets to the world. Smart 3D assets can be authored using either a commercial version of Houdini or the non-commercial Houdini Apprentice edition.

“Smart 3D assets can be built using sophisticated techniques that are wrapped up into a single node with an artist-friendly interface,” says asset author Kim Goossens, from the NHTV University of Applied Sciences. “Artists can then adjust the controls to make the asset their own. And for asset authors, the Orbolt store offers a great way to share knowledge while benefitting financially.”

As each asset is uploaded, the Orbolt team tests and verifies it before publishing. This process ensures that assets work properly and can be trusted by the community. Only the best quality assets will be made available for sale. To join the beta program as either an artist or asset author, visit the Orbolt website and register. All CG artists are encouraged to join this exciting new site and see what smart 3D assets can do for you.
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