Orbolt Updates!

Orbolt Updates!!

Summer is upon us but we're not taking a vacation just yet! Some exciting work is being done to help you the asset users as well as the authors. These additions will make the process of hunting for that perfect asset more robust and efficient.

First, we're adding an asset request area on Orbolt! Finding an asset is easy enough but what if that asset doesn't exist yet? What if you're a Houdini Master that's not sure which of your ideas will be the ultimate asset? The request area will help with both of these. As a user you will be able to request a specfic asset if you can't find that special something on Orbolt. This in turn will help the authors in choosing which asset to create next, by judging public interest in the idea.

Second, optimizing asset upload process. Uploading a single asset is easy enough but uploading multiple assets with various dependencies can be time consuming. The changes will help authors upload all of their assets at once as well as mark them 'in progress' so they can update things like icons/screenshots/descriptions at a later date. This will help simplify the workflow and make it less error prone.

Ultimately Orbolt is all about Digital Assets and we want to make the creation and sharing process as smooth as possible. Any question or comments feel free to drop us a line support@orbolt.com
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